Our Team

Life poses many challenges. We are here to help.  

Heidi Edgar

M.Sc., Registered Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.  I enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds.  I have the training and experience to help with most challenges including mood disturbances, trauma, grief, and adjustment disorders. I also offer skills training in mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.   

In addition to working with people on an individual basis, I have a special interest in working with couples and families to form stronger bonds and enjoy deeper, more satisfying relationships.  I am trained in several therapeutic models known to be effective in treating problems that commonly arise between couples and among family members. 

  Heidi Edgar   M.Sc., Registered Psychologist

Heidi Edgar
M.Sc., Registered Psychologist

Scarlett Eyben

BHSc, M.A. – Counseling Psychology, Registered Provisional Psychologist, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist ®, TITC-CT, TITC-CFST

As a registered provisional psychologist, I have the ability and compassion to hold a safe and confidential space for individuals to share, explore, and process emotions surrounding events, circumstances, and life transitions. It is through this therapeutic relationship that I will work with clients to develop strategies and tools to achieve the goals desired in therapy.

I have specialized training in exposure therapy, addictions, loss and grief, and designation as a certified traumatologist from the Trauma Institute of Toronto and certification in the Grief Recovery Method®. In addition, I provide counseling for various issues such as depression, anxiety, stress management, anger issues, relationship concerns, and compassion fatigue for professional helpers.

I provide both individual and group services to adolescents and adults using primarily strength based, solution focused, cognitive behavioural, and mindfulness based models of therapy. However, I will use other models dependent on the client’s needs and that fall within my scope of practice. I am LGBTQ, poly and kink friendly.

In my personal time, you can find me involved with the Edmonton art community, satisfying my wanderlust through travel, or curled up with a great book and cappuccino. 

  Scarlett Eyben  BHSC, M.A., Registered Provisional Psychologist

Scarlett Eyben
BHSC, M.A., Registered Provisional Psychologist

Darren Aschacher

I found my way into the mental health field through my role as a first responder. In 2014 I became a member of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) newly formed Mental Health and Wellness team. At this time, I became certified as a Mental Health First Aid instructor and have been working with the team to teach the Mental Health First Aid Basic course to over 1200 EFRS staff. Since then, I have presented the course to various other professional groups and organizations throughout Edmonton.  Teaching Mental Health First Aid has proven to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. I enjoy interacting with participants as we work together to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding common mental health problems.

My passion for delivering mental health training also steered me toward the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) and The Working Mind programs. R2MR is designed to give first responders the tools they need to recognize signs of mental stress in themselves and team members on and off the job.  R2MR also provides vital tools for successful navigation of high stress situations.  The Working Mind program has grown out of the R2MR program and is customized for a civilian work place.  It is currently being delivered across Canada in a variety of corporate settings.

For more information on the Road to Mental Readiness and the Working Minds programs, please visit the Mental Health Commission of Canada.


  Darren Aschacher

Darren Aschacher

Lauren Wiles

BPE, B.Ed., M.C., Registered Psychologist

I am a Registered Psychologist who passionately believes in the power of therapeutic conversation and human connection. I approach therapy using a “big picture” framework with a balance of head and heart, believing in the power of attending to our thinking patterns as well as our felt sense.

I have extensive experience working with childhood, developmental and adult trauma and understand these traumatic events to be relative to the person experiencing them. I support individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and emotional disregulation and reactivity. I use a client centered approach to explore the internalization of our lived experiences and how this may be impacting the way we show up in the world. Real benefits can result from fostering a healthy relationship with oneself. I aim to facilitate this process through deepening the understanding of individual and universal needs using a compassionate lens, while challenging our inner critics and moving from a place of self-judgement to self-acceptance.

I am currently taking on child, adolescent and adult clients. When working with teens, I engage collaboratively with parents who are in “the thick of” raising adolescent children. I aim to support my clients to explore the multiple contributing factors of the presenting situation and develop communication skills that will benefit the ever changing parent-teen relationship dynamic.

I graduated from the University of Alberta with two Bachelor degrees in 2006 (Physical Education and Education in Special Needs). After working with Children Services for many years I found my professional calling and completed my Masters of Counseling in 2012. I am a member in good standing of the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Psychologists' Association of Alberta.

  Lauren Wiles  BPE, B.ED., M.C., Registered Psychologist

Lauren Wiles
BPE, B.ED., M.C., Registered Psychologist

Annika Nordhagen

Registered Psychologist, Registered Occupational Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor

I am a registered psychologist with a master’s degree in counselling. Additionally, I am a registered occupational therapist and a certified yoga instructor. My diversified training and background helps me bring a holistic approach to the therapeutic process.

I have experience working with a variety of issues, such as: mood disturbances, trauma, grief and loss, life stage transitions, stress management, and relationship difficulties. As well as working with individuals, I have a special interest in working with couples, families, and groups.

I believe that for therapy to be successful the client and therapist must work collaboratively. I strive to provide a balance of challenge and support, assisting clients to gain insight into presenting issues and move towards their goals.


  Annika Nordhagen  Registered Psychologist, Registered Occupational Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor

Annika Nordhagen
Registered Psychologist, Registered Occupational Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor

Carmen Bellows

Registered Psychologist

I am a Registered Psychologist passionate about improving people’s day-to-day lives and working with individuals to develop skills for life long improvement. I have worked both locally and internationally, focused on building individual resilience and recovery in adverse conditions.  My eclectic training and experience working in multi disciplinary settings provide me with a strong foundation in holistic responses to mental health and a willingness to collaborate with your medical or clinical providers.

I believe in engaging evidence-based treatment in a client-centered manner to best meet an individual’s needs. I have worked in the areas of trauma, assessment and treatment of substance use disorders, chronic pain and chronic degenerative health conditions as well as the complex impact that depression and anxiety have for individuals and their overall functioning.  

  Carmen bellows  registered psychologist

Carmen bellows
registered psychologist

Karen Lemke

M.A., Registered Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist with over ten years of experience in the field of mental health. I have worked with a diverse population of clients including those who struggle with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. 

I have significant training and experience in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), which is a framework that combines cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness-based approaches and focuses on skills to tolerate distress, regulate overwhelming emotions, and increase interpersonal effectiveness. I strive to offer a friendly, accepting, and non-judgmental space in which to help clients develop skills to cope with life’s challenges, restore balance to their lives, and achieve their personal goals.

  Karen Lemke   M.A., Registered psychologist

Karen Lemke
M.A., Registered psychologist

Jessica Blake

M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

Customer service is not a term you may automatically think of when you hear psychological services, but to me, you cannot have one without the other. I pride myself on customer service, and work hard to deliver all of my psychological services in a customer focused and driven environment. Together we can work on solutions that are of value to you for any difficulties and dilemmas you are facing.

I come from a small rural background and grew up on a farm in northern Alberta. I hold true to the values of integrity, honesty, and hard work. I believe that as people we all have inherit value and worth that is not dependent upon what we do for a living, our current situation in life, or where we come from. I believe that if we are willing to put in the time, the energy and the work that the goal demands, any outcome is possible and achievable.

My main area of focus is the relationships that we build with ourselves and each other. This includes personal (individual) counseling, where we can explore together personal difficulties, relationship dilemma’s, or other concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief & loss, and life’s other challenges. I also specialize in couples counseling and family counseling, where we can explore emotional attachment, and how we think, act, and talk inside of relationships, including intimate relationships, differences in parenting, and ways to develop healthy and positive communication. I have a particular interest in family and child counseling, and helping parents provide different or alternative supports to the children who may need it the most. This includes working with families of teenagers who may be experiencing difficulties with “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll”. Building healthy relationships with those around us, always increases our chances for success, both for us, and our children. 

I also specialize with regards to sex, intimacy and sexuality counseling and therapy for individuals and couples. I believe that sex therapy involves working with all modalities and areas of sexuality, from overcoming sexual trauma, to developing healthy sexuality and esteem, to working with sexual dysfunctions and disorders (Erectile Dysfunction, Vaginismus, etc). I work with individuals and couples to utilize techniques to further develop and enhance sexual pleasure within their relationships. I am also familiar with helping clients explore different and exciting faucets of sexuality as well, including swinging, poly, open or kink relationships. Lastly, I have a unique and specialized interest in working with individuals who identify as a sexual minority, such as, but not limited to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, 2-spirited, questioning, non-binary and many others. If you are interested in seeking hormone replacement, this is the place for you.

I am currently a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), and I am completing the requirements to become a Certified Sex Therapist with this association. I am also completing a post-graduate certificate in Sexual Health from the University of Alberta, to further help clients with over-all sexual health. Additionally, I completed both an undergraduate thesis exploring human sexuality, and my Master’s thesis in human sexuality as well.

  Jessica Blake  M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

Jessica Blake
M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

Meg Lyons

M.Ed., Registered Provisional Psychologist

Relationships, Finding Meaning & Contentment, Cross-Cultural Competence
I'm dedicated to supporting individuals, couples, and families work toward a sense of contentment, competence, and peace in their lives and relationships.  

Main Areas of Focus

  • Navigating the struggle to find meaning and purpose through exploration of unanswered questions about yourself or the world, moving through experiences of loneliness, sadness, worry, guilt or shame, or working to identify what might be getting in the way of your life's goals.

  • Finding love and contentment in your relationships. Relationships can feel confusing and at times we may feel we are stuck in a vortex of repeated reactions and mounting afflictions. Yet, Esther Perel states the perennial truth: "The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives... and healthy human connection has transformative power..."

Start the conversation in a safe, confidential, and open environment. It is your story and your journey, and I am so interested in hearing it.

Qualifications & Experience

My work has taken me to the US, Qatar, Spain, Pakistan, India, South East Asia, Mexico, and Australia, and I feel these varied cultural experiences allow me to counsel from a place of compassion and non-judgment.  I completed my undergraduate degree with honours at the University of Calgary, followed by a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta. I have additional training in third wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), Somatic Experiencing/Trauma Informed Care and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. I have experience working with multicultural individuals and families and my Master's project explored cross-cultural competence in therapy. I am also a Gottman trained couples therapist with specialized training in recovery from affairs.  


  Meg Lyons  M.Ed., Registered Provisional Psychologist

Meg Lyons
M.Ed., Registered Provisional Psychologist

Liat Habinski

M.Sc., M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist in Alberta. I completed a master's degree in counselling psychology at the University of Toronto in 2008 and have since worked with clients on a range of mental health concerns including difficulties regulating emotions, anger, relationship issues, depression, anxiety and substance dependence. I am passionate about supporting clients in developing new skills to enable more effective ways of navigating through life and to improve functioning and quality of life.

While I have been trained and gained experience in several modalities of therapy including cognitive behavior therapy and humanistic approaches, I have a special interest and significant training and experience in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). Over the past 8 years, I worked with DBT teams in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton providing both individual and group therapy.  I have also worked on several research studies assessing the effectiveness of DBT. I believe in the importance of using evidence based treatments in a collaborative, safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment to best support clients in achieving their therapy goals. 



Tara Lutchman

M.A., Provisional Registered Psychologist

I am experienced in providing both mindfulness-based therapy and that of the more ‘classic’ psychodynamic approach to help clients heal from and cope more effectively with difficulties having to do with mood disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, addiction, sexual abuse, complex trauma (i.e. repeated painful experiences of betrayal, abandonment, or boundary violations); grief, disrupted attachment in early childhood, as well as experiences of discrimination, exclusion, or shaming on the basis of sexuality, sexual orientation, cultural identity, or anything else that unjustly marks an individual as inferior.

The therapy I do comes from a culturally humble, feminist, trauma-informed, growth-oriented perspective. I draw also from my 12 years being a yoga and meditation instructor and my other, varied life experience. Whenever I can, I’m eager to learn anything new that could help me help my clients live fuller and more contented, connected, conscious lives. With calm, full engagement; compassion, and an open mind, I make it my business to put people of all walks of life at ease. I’m committed to guiding and accompanying my clients toward a better version of themselves and feel strongly about practicing what I preach.

  Tara Lutchman  M.A., Provisional Registered Psychologist

Tara Lutchman
M.A., Provisional Registered Psychologist