Life poses many challenges. We are here to help.  

We are a dedicated and experienced team of therapists with the belief that problems are a natural part of life and when dealt with in healthy ways can provide opportunities for growth and adaptation. 

Our team of psychologists have a diverse set of counseling approaches that are informed by a number of different modalities and theories.  What we have in common is our belief  that there is a lot more right with people than wrong. That people who seek our services already possess many of the inner resources required to overcome the problems they are experiencing.  Our job is to help clients access and build on the resources they already have as well as help them to develop new skills to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

We enjoy working with people of all ages and are respectful and accepting of people’s beliefs and life experiences.  At Edgar Psychological we have the expertise and training to help you deal with most of life's challenges.

Taking the first step towards help is often the most difficult. We hope the information you find in this website will help you take that step.

No one needs to paint himself into a corner; no one needs to be completely hemmed in by circumstance; no one needs to be the victim of his biography.
— George Kelly