Emotion Regulation Skills Group

A 12-week, DBT-informed skills training program

What is the Emotion Regulation Skills Group?

This is a structured skills training program informed by a therapeutic approach called dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). It is designed to help you learn skills to cope with overwhelming emotions, reduce impulsivity, enhance interpersonal relationships, and ultimately achieve your own personal goals.

It is important to note that you will not receive full, comprehensive DBT treatment by attending this course. Full DBT treatment consists of weekly individual DBT therapy sessions, weekly DBT skills training group sessions for 24 weeks, 24/7 access to an individual therapist by phone for skills coaching, and therapists who participate in weekly case consultation. This course will provide a modified version of the skills training component only.

What is the group format? 

The Emotion Regulation Skills Group is a closed group consisting of 6-8 participants who are 18 years of age or older. It runs for 12 weeks, each session 2 hours in length, and is co-facilitated by Zahra Domingo and Liat Habinski who are both registered psychologists trained in DBT. With the exception of the first session, which is a general orientation to the course, the first half of each group is dedicated to a brief mindfulness practice and homework review, while the second half is focused on teaching a new set of skills. 

What will I learn? 

You will learn skills in the following areas:

Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening in the present moment, without judgment or overthinking. When we are mindful, we are better able to focus our attention, feel more in control, and notice and appreciate positive experiences.

Distress tolerance
Two types of skills will be taught in this module. Crisis survival skills can help you to tolerate painful or uncomfortable emotions without making situations worse. Reality acceptance skills can help you work on accepting things that we cannot change in order to reduce suffering.

Emotion regulation
Some people experience emotions as overly intense and out of control, and struggle to bring them down to a tolerable and manageable level. This module includes skills that can help you to recognize your emotions, reduce vulnerability to intense emotions, and change how you respond to emotions so they don’t become overwhelming and/or cause you to engage in behaviours that make things worse. 

Interpersonal effectiveness
Skills from this module are designed to help you assert yourself with others in ways that enable you to get your needs met, while at the same time maintaining your relationships, personal integrity, and self-respect. 

What does the group cost?

The total cost for the Emotion Regulation Skills Group is $1350, which includes the 12 two-hour sessions and all other group materials including a workbook that will be yours to keep.

The fee for this group may be covered in whole or part by your private health insurance/employee benefits plan. Please note that obtaining reimbursement from an insurance company is the responsibility of each client. You are encouraged to contact your insurance provider directly for details of your coverage, to verify that group therapy services will be covered by your policy, and any conditions of this coverage.  

This is a closed group that will not accept new registrants after the start date. We require an $150 dollar deposit to hold your spot in the group and this is refundable, minus $50 for administrative fees, up to 1 week before the start of the group. The remaining fees may be paid in full at the start of the group or in weekly instalments of $100 per 2 hour session.

What if I need to miss a group?  

Because so much information is covered in each group session, regular and consistent attendance is strongly recommended. You may still participate in the Emotion Regulation Skills Group even if you know you will be absent for one or more sessions. Please note that the full fee for the group will still apply in such cases.

In Case of Emergency

Group facilitators will not be available to provide crisis support in between group sessions. In the event of an emergency or crisis, please call 911, go to your nearest hospital emergency room, or contact one of the following 24/7 crisis support services:

·      Edmonton Distress Line: 780-482-HELP (4357)
·      Adult Crisis Response Team: 780-342-7777
·      Alberta Health Services Stabilization Unit: 780-342-7692

Upcoming Dates

  • Mondays (beginning Sept 23) 6pm-8pm

  • Tuesdays (beginning September 24) 6pm-8pm

  • Saturdays (beginning Sept 28) 10am - noon

Call us at 780-860-7338 or use the ‘Questions’ contact form at the bottom of this page for more information or to request an intake form!