Couples and families counselling in Edmonton

Couples & Family Counselling

Bringing families together is what we do best!

Life demands a lot from each of us.  Often, we are pulled in so many different directions that we lose sight of what’s most important in our lives and what truly brings us happiness and fulfillment. It’s not uncommon for emotional distance or conflict to permeate the lives of our most important relationships.  However, the quality of our most treasured relationships has a huge impact on our emotional and physical health and well-being.  If you are considering coming to therapy because you have recognized that one or more of your important relationships are in trouble, good for you! Edgar Psychological is happy to help you and your loved ones develop better communication strategies and stronger, healthier connections. Committing to improving your relationships will enrich your life.  

What is couples and family therapy?

Couples therapy and family therapy are two branches of general psychology that focus on treating all members of a nuclear or extended family in a group setting. Couples and family counseling approaches the family as a whole, emphasizing relationships and communication patterns. At Edgar Psychological, we have a special interest in working with couples and families to form stronger bonds and enjoy deeper, more satisfying relationships.  Our therapists are trained in a number of therapeutic models known to be effective in treating problems that commonly arise between couples and among family members.  

Benefits of couples and family therapy/counseling

Families are complicated.  Relationships between family members can, and often do, become strained for any number of reasons.  When family dynamics become negative the whole family is affected.  If you are experiencing a financial hardship, moving to a new city, or simply struggling to find common ground with your loved ones, you and your spouse or family could benefit from the chance to work with the trained mental health professionals at Edgar Psychological. We can provide your family with a safe environment to facilitate communication and relieve the stress that has driven wedges into your relationships. Some other benefits of couples and family counseling include:

  • Stronger conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Deeper/closer connections
  • Feeling loved and falling in love again
  • Increased physical and emotional intimacy
  • Creating a true partnership and solidifying the family as a unit
  • Allowing you to disconnect from your past history and create new futures together
  • Reducing the chance of problems becoming worse

Issues our psychologists treat during therapy/counseling

At Edgar Psychological, we know how important your family is to you. From child therapy, to gender issues, to dealing with infidelity, we will approach your situation with compassion and develop creative ways to help your family heal. We are experienced in treating a wide variety of couples and family issues including:

  • Marital / Relational conflict
  • Affairs
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Emotional distance
  • Anger management

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