The Rising Strong™ Group

This group will help clients experience the interplay of educational learning and personal processing as they move through understandings of vulnerability, shame, shame resiliency, values, and what it means to create a sense of worthiness and a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This group takes place over one full weekend.

The Rising Strong™ group will explore what it takes to get back up after we find ourselves in facedown moments. Everyone experiences pain, struggle, and failure. When we find ourselves in this place, we may not know how to talk about it, make sense of it and finds ways to get back up.

This group is based on the research and writing of Brené Brown. With over 12 years of research experience in this area, she invites us to take the courageous steps of reestablishing yourself after a fall. This group is for anyone willing to dare, fall and feel their way through tough emotions and getting back up to try again. Regardless of the magnitude of your circumstance, together we will work through the process of:

  • Reckoning: walking into our story

  • Rumble: owning our story

  • Revolution: writing a new ending and changing how we engage with the world

Together we can start to change the stories about who we are, who we want to be and how we can write our own brave endings.

Led by:
Christine Sribney, M.Sc.,
Registered Psychologist
Certified Daring™ Way Facilitator

A Six Week Rising Strong ™Group

Thursday evenings between October 25-November 29th, 2018.

Ross House
9749 111 Street - Edmonton, AB

$550 (includes a Rising Strong ™ workbook, all group materials, and light snacks/refreshments). Register by October 12th 2018 for an early bird price of $499

For more information about location or to register please contact:
(780) 699-2243